Boxelder Bug Extermination in Roscoe, Rockford & Loves Park, IL

Hire a professional exterminator for your boxelder bug issues by calling Rocky's Pest Control

While they don't necessarily cause damage or disease, boxelders can be a big nuisance when they swarm in or around your home. The bright red and black bugs are found:

  • On plants
  • Under windows
  • Around cracks and crevices

Your home will need to be treated inside and out, because they typically move from the trees to homes in order to hibernate. Call (815) 623-6280 today to discuss your boxelder issue in the Roscoe and Rockford, IL area including Machesney Park and Loves Park.

How to eliminate the problem

The professional exterminators of Rocky's Pest Control, Inc. will try to kill off the population of boxelders to eliminate the issues you're having. Unfortunately, it's not a one-and-done process. You'll require quarterly service, which is guaranteed to solve the problem. If you see boxelders between your three-month appointments, Rocky's will come and take care of it, free of charge. Contact Rocky's Pest Control, Inc. today for your boxelder bug extermination needs.