Mice Extermination in Roscoe, Rockford & Loves Park, IL

With Rocky's Pest Control you only receive professional mouse extermination services!

There's nothing more frustrating than walking into your kitchen and noticing something has been nibbling on your food. Aside from feeding unwanted pests, there are other aggravations, including:

  • Health risks from droppings and urine
  • Property risks if mice chew through wires
  • Health risks due to eating food

In the case of mouse infestation, Rocky's Pest Control, Inc. offers quarterly service to solve the problem. Call (815) 623-6280 for a free estimate for your home in the Roscoe and Rockford, IL area including Machesney Park and Loves Park.

How to solve the problem

When you contact Rocky's Pest Control, Inc. to rid your home of unwanted mice, our exterminators will use bait stations. We will bait under sinks, as well as in garages and basements, in addition to the exterior of the home, so all of the bases are covered. Once a mouse takes a bite of the slow-acting poison, they'll feel sick and be driven from the location. It takes three to four days to kill them, and you won't be left with a house full of dead mice. Contact Rocky's Pest Control, Inc. today to take care of your mouse problem.